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HYBRID mini Tool set

772.57 €
Model: 533848
Manufacturer article number: 620.150.001.009.
Expected delivery: October 26, 2021
Availability: In Stock


The instrument kit includes every instrument necessary to perform a surgery.

Accessories of the Hybrid mini kit

  1. Thread groove calibrating drill Ø1.70 x L11.00 mm
  2. Thread groove calibrating drill Ø2.10 x L11.00 mm
  3. Thread groove calibrating drill Ø2.50 x L11.00 mm
  4. Implant driver, mechanical Ø4.00 x L8.50 mm
  5. Implant driver, manual 6Lt2.70 x L10.00 mm
  6. Spear-pointed drill, Ø2.33 x L28.00 mm
  7. Pre-drill, mechanical Ø1.50 x L15.00 mm
  8. Core drill Ø2.50 x L11.00 mm
  9. Core drill Ø2.90 x L11.00 mm
  10. Core drill Ø3.30 x L11.00 mm
  11. Converter adapter (4Lt 2.77mm) Ø5.80 x L17.00 mm
  12. Head wrench, 6Lt1.27 x L10.00 mm
  13. Locator key Ø2.15 x L10.00 mm
  14. Paralelling pin, 2 mm, Ø3.50 x L22.00 mm
  15. Paralelling pin, 2,8 mm Ø3.50 x L22.00 mm
  16. Depth gauge Ø2.40 x L32.00 mm
  17. Ratchet torque wrench, 35Ncm 6Lt6.00 x L87.00 mm


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